Boris Johnson British Prime Minister Fears Terminators With Pink Eyes

February 6, 2020

We live in a world in which all devices will soon be intelligent, it is not surprising that more and more people start to ask questions about our security.
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One of them is the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who is doing it, but in its own quirky way … We all know that the problem of security of our data, collected by a number of different devices for “necessary for their operation” is very serious and requires top-down regulation but the last 15-minute speech policy was probably not the best prepared. During a speech before members of the United Nations focused on Google and the Internet of Things devices, warning all that it takes a lot of effort to hide his thoughts before the US giant.
On the occasion reprimanded also Amazonowi, and all thanks to the equipment with the assistant voice Alexa, and the speech was about “Terminatorach with pink eyes who might be sent from the future to destroy the human race” - could the Prime Minister naoglądał lately too much Terminator? :) But if all this is not strange sounded, Boris Johnson fear before the 24-hour surveillance in the style of Big Brother are not so unfounded, because I think we are all aware of the fact that we need new regulations, congruent to today’s realities.

But you can not hide the fact that the British Prime Minister expressed his country’s position in a very original way: - Your mattress will monitor your nightmares. Your refrigerator will beep for more cheese. Your door will be wide open whenever you get close to them, as if by silent butler - he claimed. In short, according to the policy for additional convenience we offer more and more of our privacy, and the devices store all our secrets in the cloud - not just listening to each command, but every conversation.
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It is easy to imagine so that our data can be used for the purposes that we do not want. Therefore, it is extremely important that the new regulations inhibit dangerous inclinations of advanced technological solutions. Hence the call British Prime Minister, to establish global rules before it’s too late: - The mission of the UK and everyone who shares with us our values, must be to ensure that modern technology will have its origin in freedom, openness and pluralism, and will have adequate safeguards to protect us.